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Spall repair procedure

Selected equipment and procedures were evaluated to expedite repair of spalls with rapid-setting materials. 15 Mar 2001 Chapter 4 Purpose of Crack and Spall Repair. One of the most common application methods for repairing concrete is by hand troweling mortars. 1) Clean repair area. A. CreteFill Spall Repair urethane, when combined with sand, will develop into an CreteFill Spall Repair urethane, when combined with sand, will develop into an extremely strong polymer concrete designed to repair existing concrete that has been damaged by forklifts, steel-wheeled carts, etc. Remove the concrete at the spalled areas to expose the corroded steel bars. through 3. For more videos or to ask Shell a question on any home improvement topic, go to http://askshell. Some repair materials come premixed and others allow the mix to be extended by adding aggregate (maximum recommended size is 3/8 inch or 10 millimeters). Repair of spalling and damaged concrete in buildings, bridges, infrastructure and ®MonoTop -412 NFG Sika® MonoTop®-412 NFG R4 Structural Repair Mortar with Corrosion Inhibitor Product Description Sika® MonoTop®-412 NFG is a 1 component, polymer modified, fibre reinforced, Spalling is generally caused by carbonation of the concrete where carbon dioxide reacts to chemicals within the concrete. Before patching the area, apply a bonding agent to the affected surface to ensure proper adhesion. Treat exposed steel with a steel rust inhibitor. Patching a concrete driveway, patio, walkway or basement/garage floor can be a fairly straightforward do-it-yourself project. Spalled concrete can also be repaired. 1R. materials or procedures used, and extreme climate conditions during the life of the. Shell Busey shows you how to repair concrete spalling. deep spall for placement of a rapid-setting repair material in 15 min or less. 4. This creates a moist, less absorptive, surface with no standing water 22 Existing Existing New Repair Mortar After Chipping After Repair for the repair of cracks and spalls in concrete pavements as well as on the selection of materials and equipment. A secondary objective was to correlate various excavation methods with a relative life expectancy of the repair. 2. Remove all dirt, oils, and loose debris. Description. T h iecnques. How to Fix a Spalling Garage Concrete Floor. Use concrete with at least 3,000 PSI and good adhesion. Fight fire from a safe distance. It is not intended for use where substrate movement is required. Apply a thin layer of Sand Mix with Acrylic Fortifier added at a ratio of one-half gallon Acrylic Fortifier to 80-pounds of Sand Mix and trowel smooth. It is largely caused by carbonation, a natural deterioration process. This causes the steel bars embedded in the ceiling slab to corrode, which in turn causes the concrete cover to crack and bulge. Concrete cancer or spalling is caused by the corrosion of steel in the Procedures. Spalling is caused by carbonation and occurs on the surface of reinforced concrete structures. Saw cut or use a crack chaser blade on the perimeter of the working area at a 30º to. Repeat this procedure until the flange is within the tolerances  (30). Use of the copyrighted material apart from this UFC must have the permission of the Concrete Repairs. Not intended for use where substrate movement is required. Selecting Repair Materials and Procedure. available on their web site several free bulletins on Repair Application Procedures. The concrete cover just beyond the repaired region spalled off, and the cover  Spalling, the partial loss of the masonry material itself, is, like crazing, caused by water and is . 1. This two part, 1:1 system is 100% solids and designed for repairing damaged control joints and larger cracks where no future slab movement is expected. B. Conditions. Procedure of Surface Spalling Repair of Underwater Concrete. com/concrete-repair-videos/repairing-cracks-divots-spalled-concrete. It could damage the reinforcing bars placed inside the concrete. Test for carbonation with a pH indicator. Only mix the amount that can be used in 20 to 30 minutes. The concrete comes with its own bonding agent. SEATTLE CITY LIGHT. This method is most effective when the material is installed into the crack to prevent further damage of the concrete substrate. Vertical and Overhead Spall Repair by Hand Application. GENERAL This following Method Statement covers surface preparation and repair of damaged or defective concrete surfaces for building works. Repair of Spalled Concrete Slab. How much concrete repair should cost. properly in the upgrade design, detailing, and implementation procedure. Producers are required to submit a plant Quality Control plan and concrete mix design(s) to the Division for review and approval as per KM 64‐115. SikaRepair® 222. 720. spalling. 1) on the surface of a concrete slab during finishing operations is annoying. View repairing spalled joints in concrete floors. the aggregate in accordance with the recommendations of Table 1 of ACI 304. repair method 1. This could be caused by poor installation, stress, and environmental factors that damage concrete. CreteFill Spall Repair™ is recommended for, but not limited to, the following applications: • Spall Repair • Freezer Threshold MATERIALS AND PROCEDURES FOR RAPID REPAIR OF PARTIAL-DEPTH SPALLS IN CONCRETE PAVEMENTS -- MANUAL OF PRACTICE. Concrete Slab / Spall Repair Add To My List Remove From My List × Close Concrete Slab / Spall Repair 18-3 CONCRETE PAVEMENT REPAIR (CPR) To determine the most cost -effective method of repair of a concrete pavement the field personnel must provide adequate information about the project. Long-term concrete resurfacing product repair results with Fusion-Crete! This sidewalk can be made to look like new with Fusion-Crete concrete resurfacing product. Extra care must always be taken to ensure the repair area is clean before repair. During a recent project, we were asked to review these repair procedures during balcony slab edge spall repairs. . Blisters The appearance of blisters (Fig. Before any decorative procedure is undertaken on concrete, the surface has to be . It is important to understand what has caused the spall as to  Photo 1: In this unsuccessful repair, the spalled concrete edge was patched without . January/february 2007. 9 Items . This is true in most every industry, not just in precast concrete manufacturing. Spalling usually occurs for one of three reasons, or sometimes a combination of these reasons. Prepare some Top’n Bond to a slurry consistency. Deicing chemicals picked up on the highway drip off your car, magnifying the problem by causing additional water saturation. . As the owner, you are responsible for the repair of any spalling concrete in your flat. This reaction causes the steel bars inside the structure to corrode and expand. Concrete spalling typically begins when the steel reinforcing embedded within the concrete member rusts. Carry out a survey to determine the actual repair Before spall repair operations, demonstrate that the mixture achieves flexural strength of at least 425 psi in 5 hr. As with any repair operation, the cleanliness of the area to be patched is one of the most important factors in a long-lasting patch. By determining the soundness of the concrete Python can make a recommendation for repair procedures utilizing the most up to date materials and techniques available today. These deficiencies, caused by specific factors that are explained in the following paragraphs, can be minimized or pre-vented by adhering to proper construction methods. 3 Removal of spalled concrete. Excess water and overfinishing create a weak surface that can't handle freeze-thaw expansion and contraction. Five Step Spall Repair Process – ICRI code 310. View as Grid List. The objective was to develop one or more methods to excavate and prepare a 2-ft 2 × 4-in. Expose steel reinforcement and remove any corroding delamination. Spall Repair can be used to bond damaged slabs together. Navy, Army, and Air Force facilities; however, the techniques for repair can be used for other concrete pavements as well. For better results, saw cut a rectangular section of concrete so the patching can be Repair Procedure. When spalling occurs, the damage is often extended beyond the visible spalled area. SPALL REPAIR PROCEDURE. Rapid-Set Concrete. Patching might be done extending at least 4 inches beyond the concrete spalling area. It also gave recommendations for the repair specs. At a former firm I remember a reference manual that had some isometric drawings showing how to remove the concrete around the corroded bar and how to clean the bar up and patch it. This method can be used to repair spalled or deteriorated concrete (Fig. 4(a) and (b)—Application of mortar with pressure equipment and nozzle. –Field Evaluations/Assessments of Existing. Add more life to your building with our concrete cancer repair in Sydney. Spalled or flaked concrete surfaces can also be repaired quite easily. Spalling is best corrected by using a high-pressure sprayer to remove any and all surface rust that may be present. 4 Cleaning the exposed surface. Considerations in grout selection include: † The traditional material used for PPA grout has been site-mixed sand-cement with the addition of grout fluidifiers and aluminum powder. Grinding to Finish Grade Allow CreteFill Spall Repair™ to set about 45 minutes or until hard. Bridge Deck Repair ♢ Description ♢ Selecting an Appropriate Repair Material ♢ Repair Procedure ♢ Commentary 5. The initial signs of surface flaking usually occur during the first winter or after harsh, wet winter weather. Determine the Cause(s) of for a concrete spall repair. • Possible contamination of the surface by chemicals, oils, soaps, or carbonation. The findings of these combined studies have been merged with standard highway agency procedures to provide the most useful and up-to-date information on the practice of concrete partial depth spall repair. Repair spalling and partial-depth failures in concrete pavement. , a minimum compressive strength of 5,100 psi in 7 days, and 6,300 psi in 28 days. This handbook is intended for use as a field handbook for airfield concrete pavement repair for all U. 38 REPAIR SPALLED JOINTS (POLYESTER GROUT). Spall Repair by Low-Pressure Spraying (RAP-3) · Surface Repair Using  1 Jun 2006 A step-by-step patch repair procedure should address the concrete surface or spalling of concrete due to contamination by deleterious  concrete repairs are investigated to see what qualities of partial depth repair . Type-1, Type-2, Type-3 and Type-4 repair details). standard highway agency procedures to provide the most useful and up-to-date information on cement concrete (PCC) partial-depth spall repair operations,. In addition, guidance in the selection of the type of spall repair are discussed. With this spalling concrete repair method you would actually pour a thin topping right on top of your existing driveway. This is probably the most common method used to repair spalled concrete driveways and probably the most cost effective as well. With services of cleaning and maintenance, hard scape cleaning, common area & walkway maintenance, concrete coatings & Color coat, concrete water proofing, traffic delineators, ceramic domes & bot dots, mobile welding, bollards, spall repair, parking structure restoration, parking structure reconstruction, Parking ADA upgrades, ADA striping The repair method consists of Investigation and evaluation, concrete removal, preparation for repair, repair materials and concrete repair method and rehabilitation of concrete surfaces. If caught early, spalling can be repaired, removing the need for complete concrete replacement. (saw and  Spalling can be prevented if concrete is handled carefully and poured and finished properly. Selected equipment and procedures were evaluated to expeditiously prepare a spall for repair with rapid-setting materials. procedures for the repair of cracks and spalls in concrete pavements as well as the selection of materials and equipment. Spall Repair by Low-Pressure Spraying (ACI RAP-3) May/June 2005 ConCrete repair Bulletin 3 19 Fig. These spalls are considered a failure and can lead to a collapse. Polymeric Patching Material. System. On grade, above and below grade on concrete and mortar. Right angle cut the spalled area to receive a concrete patching compound. A separate engineer and contractor had been  is responsible for the cracking and surface spalling on the parapet wall . The beam spans 24 feet and is 5 feet deep and 18 inches wide. Similar to wet-mix shotcrete but sprayed at a much lower velocity, low-pressure spall repair spray comes in the form of prepackaged mortar. One-component, early strength gaining, cementitious, patching material for horizontal repair of concrete. Surface Preparation. Failure at asphalt patch with full-depth spall repair. PROCEDURE FOR BASIC CONCRETE PAVEMENT SPALL REPAIR. Spalling is typically a localized distress warranting a localized repair procedure for cost-effective restoration. Apply a bonding coat. Localized full-depth. Test Procedure; ASTM D-1308 @ 72°F. Substrate Preparation Repair of spalling and damaged concrete in buildings, bridges, infrastructure and superstructure works. Repair It. A good repair begins with a clean surface. Repairing Cracks and Spalling Concrete. CreteFill Spall Repair™ is recommended for, but not limited to, the following applications: • Spall Repair • Freezer Threshold Fig. 5 inches. Figure 1. In this procedure the crack is enlarged to permit sufficient penetration of the repair compound. Do-it-yourself concrete resurfacing is a straightforward process, but preparation is the most important step. Provide concrete that meets DMS-4655, “Rapid-Hardening Cementing Materials CreteFill Spall Repair urethane, when combined with sand, will develop into an extremely strong polymer concrete designed to repair existing concrete that has been damaged by forklifts, steel-wheeled carts, etc. CreteFill Spall Repair is a rapid setting, high strength, hybrid urethane repair material. SPECIAL SPECIFICATION 3382 Repair of Spalling in Concrete Pavement 1. It shall apply to all new precast concrete vaults, manholes, and handholes with a dimension Method Description 1 Simply seal the crack with waterproofing coatings 2 Fill the crack by brushing dry cement and moistening 3 Seal the crack with cement grout 4 Cut V-groove and fill up with concrete repair mortar 5 Fill the crack with polymer resin by gravity or injection 6 Inject epoxy resin 7 Inject epoxy resin and seal the crack with The following procedures need to be followed for PDR: Identify the Repair Limits. Much of the concrete has spalled off the underside of the reinforcing steel because of corrosion. If more than 1/2 the perimeter of any mild reinforcement is exposed or if Square the patch perimeters to eliminate feathered edges and to ensure Roughen the substrate to ensure that there will be a mechanical bond between If the damage occurs at the FIELD GUIDE TO CONCRETE REPAIR APPLICATION PROCEDURES. The basic procedures of surface spalling repair technique might include: Flush damaged region with fresh water completely. 2 FHWA Culvert Assessment and Decision-Making Procedures  Spall Repair, Expansion & Control Joints, Seawall Repair, Void Filling, Soil injection is permanent crack repair that is both a structural repair procedure and  ACI RAP Bulletin 3 (Reapproved 2009), “Spall Repair by Low-Pressure Spraying, ” Field Guide to Concrete Repair Application Procedures, ACI Committee E706  MM80 - Crack & Joint Repair developed through years of experience as restoration/repair . A spall is defined as flakes of material that are broken off of a larger solid body. The steel reinforcing bars within the concrete begin to corrode and expand, causing the breakage on the surface concrete. Crete Fill Spall Repair is a rapid setting, high strength hybrid urethane repair material. Mix the material until the epoxy mortar is well-blended and all sand particles are coated (1 minute minimum after the sand is added). 5. 22 Aug 2015 Procedures. Add liquid a little bit at a time to a peanut butter consistency. Grouting and Spall Repair. introduction Spalling of joints is the cracking, breaking or chipping in the immediate Crack Repair Spalled Control Joint Repair D N A S 1) Clean repair area. Firefighters should wear full emergency equipment with self-contained breathing apparatus and full protective clothing. In 2006 the walkway concrete at this resort condominium complex was sound but badly in need of a concrete resurfacing product. We need to remove the bad concrete, clean up the steel, add new steel where needed, and apply a repair concrete. This article explains how to carry out concrete repair. Spalling Concrete Repair Method 3 – Concrete Overlay. The goal in spall repairs is to restore the surface for a smooth ride and permanently seal the spalls and associated cracking to prevent water and salt intrusion into and through the concrete where it will cause problems in the pavement and in the base. Bonding agents are utilized to improve the bond between the patch and Mixing and Placing. Show (per page) SikaGrout® 212 High performance, cementitious grout I'm looking for a source for generic spalled concrete repair details. The Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) H-106 maintenance experiment and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Long-Term Monitoring (LTM) of Pavement Maintenance Materials Test Sites project studied the repair of partial-depth spalls in concrete pavements. ” Even the most experienced precaster who follows all the proper mix design procedures and production steps cannot produce a “perfect” piece every time. 6. Spalling concrete, or concrete cancer, is a cosmetic blemish to structures; spalling This procedure is significant because it allows the old cement to bond   4. Pipe repairs that only require cosmetic repair procedures may be completed by the contractor or the producer unless otherwise stated. 3) Fully pre-wet sides and bottom of crack with 10 Minute Concrete MenderÙ. This procedure is labor-intensive, costly, and disruptive to traffic. (b) (a) Fig. There are different concrete repair techniques useful to restore the structural integrity and shape of a concrete element which generally include removal of damaged concrete and replacement with new concrete. Upon chipping away the defective concrete, we will be able to evaluate each area to determine if steel needs to be replaced based upon the amount of lost cross section. Routing and sealing is the most common method of crack repair. Salt, particularly the sodium chloride that's used on frozen roads in many northern states, can result in oxidation or rusting of reinforcing steel when it's repeatedly introduced to a surface or building. When spalling along the track system started to show, Herzog Transit Services, Inc. Using Reclamation's Concrete Maintenance and Repair. html Information and links for a variety of topics related to the concrete repair industry. 1. To ensure passengers never skipped a beat, our team worked overnight for four nights to keep the project and the streetcar moving. Apply the repair mortar before the coat is set. INVESTIGATION AND EVALUATION OF DAMAGED CONCRETE SURFACES Before performing repairs on damaged or defective surfaces, a visual inspection of the exposed concrete on site shall be performed. Sort By. Spalling Over Rebar Quantify the % of failure or problem Concrete Repair and Restoration 4. concrete crack and partial-depth spall repair Any copyrighted material included in this UFC is identified at its point of use. Perfect: “Being complete of its kind and without defect or blemish. Spalling concrete, or concrete cancer, is a cosmetic blemish to structures; spalling requires concrete repair to restore the concrete to its original condition. Scope This Guideline covers the inspection and repairs of cracks and/or spalling in precast vaults, manholes, and other similar structures. Materials. Select the spall repair materials and the spall repair procedure. 5 Placing the concrete. For this reason, Cities and Counties in South Florida take these  6 Jan 2014 Focus is on repair of centerline culverts of 24 inches to 72 inches in pipe, centrifugally cast concrete culvert lining, spall repair, joint repair, and void . Repair of this distress is needed to improve serviceability, deter further deterioration and provide proper edges so that the joints can be resealed effectively. Apply a curing membrane to the applied repair mortar. Fusion-Crete® is a contactor-grade vinyl copolymer concrete repair product specially designed to make concrete repair mortar with common Portland cement and sand mixtures. Repairs joint spalling, mid-slab surface spalling or cracking, severe scaling, . Fusion-Crete is one of the most economical and effective concrete repair products on the market and is unmatched in versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Rewash the aggregate. The spray is applied using small concrete pumps or heavy-duty grout pumps to force the low-slump mortar through a hose. Not a vapor barrier. 2 Sep 1992 Specific repair procedures for a spalled joint normally include cutting away the spalled area on both sides of the crack, removing all material  Originally developed as a rapid runway asphalt repair system for the military in the 1980's, FlexSet concrete repair to traditional highway and spall repair, driveway and parking lot repair, floor repair and other pavement restoration procedures. This repair doesn’t require any special skills or previous experience working with concrete. most repair procedures involve predominantly manual operations, it is particularly  11 Aug 2017 Repair fatigue cracks. owner’s repair objectives, and the in-service environment of the concrete structure will help in the proper selection of repair materials and application methods. Spall Repair by the Preplaced Aggregate Method (ACI RAP-9) 1 ACI RAP Bulletin 9 Spall Repair by the Preplaced Aggregate Method FIELD GUIDE TO CONCRETE REPAIR APPLICATION PROCEDURES by Patrick “Doc” Watson Rigid pavement spall repair methods and related materials. ConCrete repair Bulletin. Since the volume of most spall repairs is usually small, most mixing must be done in a small drum or mortar mixer. Furnish either rapid-set concrete or polymeric patching material unless otherwise shown on the plans. This work shall consist of . Use a 1-to-1 volume ratio dispenser (normally 30-50 psi ram pressure for pneumatic, not to exceed 80 This Manual of Practice is an updated version of the 1993 SHRP Spall Repair Manual. 2. Repair method for corrosion-damaged beam. SPECIAL FIRE FIGHTING PROCEDURES: Evacuate area. Concrete Repair Procedure. Spalling is caused by carbonation and occurs on the surface of reinforced concrete The primary aim of the partial-depth spall repair study was to determine the most effective and economical materials and procedures for placing quality, long-lasting partial-depth patches in jointed concrete pavements. • The current list of prequalified concrete spall repair materials (by CST M&P-Chemical Branch) • Guidelines for Concrete Spall Repair Procedures • Contact information for TxDOT trainers • CD for the final report on the research project (for more details than the presentation could show) • CD for both training sessions. 2—Chipping surface. Material supports combustion. 02-mm-wide cracks, due to . SPALL REPAIR PROCEDURES Joint Filler. 2 Placing by cement-gun. Find out just about everything you need to know by watching the video  A concrete spall is a fractured, delaminated section of concrete with varying depth and dimension. Joint Spall Repair in Rigid Pavement . com/ a from repair material SSD…concrete substrate to be in a Saturated-Surface-Dry/Damp condition so that the concrete will not absorb water from the repair mortar. Spall Repair™ can be used to bond damaged slabs together. These bumps, of of most spall repairs is usually small, most mixing must be done in a small drum or mortar mixer. S. Set Descending Direction. Test in accordance with Tex-418-A and Tex-448-A. Contrary to popular belief, concrete is porous. In the case of vaults, it is frequently caused by expansion that accompanies the corrosion of reinforcing steel. The mixing and placing of spall repair materials often varies considerably due How to Fix Concrete Spalling For an effective repair process, be sure to remove concrete to a depth of at least 1. of most spall repairs is usually small, most mixing must be done in a small drum or mortar mixer. There is special concrete overlay and resurfacing products that are designed specifically for this application. With this spalling concrete repair method you   10 Oct 2014 This AC cancels AC 150/5380-6B, Guidelines and Procedures for typical repair procedures. Concrete surfaces have to be properly prepared before any repair takes place. Procedures for Elephant Armor® - Spall Repair. pdf from AA 1repairing spalled joints in concrete floors 1. This breach is called a "spall". The objective of this research was to develop one or more methods to excavate and prepare a 2-foot-wide by 2-foot-long by 4-inch-deep spall for placement of a rapid-setting repair material in 15 minutes or less. This section of the manual is to establish a uniform procedure for the collection of field data for CPR projects. These bumps, of Spalling concrete is a common issue for older buildings. Protect the repaired area against wave action until it hardened adequately. You just need to equip yourself with the right materials and follow the simple steps outlined below Repair Procedure Surface preparation. 26 Jul 2013 issues related to the repair and upgrade of earthquake- damaged out a building. Vertical and Overhead Spall Repair by Hand Application publishing Repair Application Procedures (RAP). The best part about the concrete repair method is in most cases it is something that the average person can do with the help of a friend or two. Concrete Removal. This Manual of Practice is an updated version of the 1993 SHRP Spall Repair Manual. Use cold water spray to cool fire exposed containers to minimize risk of rupture. Make a 1/4" relief cut with grinder. This procedure resulted in a typical crack pattern of multiple 0. Average costs and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. 1 Placing by hand. Spalling concrete is a common issue for older buildings. CreteFill Spall Repair is slightly moisture sensitive and should not be applied to wet surfaces. A maximum to two spall repairs per joint (per slab) will be allowed. Procedure for   10-1. Some of the materials have a higher modulus and are brittle, behaving much in the same way as normal concrete, while others are much lower in modulus with a much higher ductility. Please see “Typical Spalling” for basic repair procedures. Spall & Crack Repair; Patching & Grouting; Structural Concrete Repair; Structural Epoxy injection is a permanent structural and preservation procedure. The spall repair products selected for this project cover a wide variety of types with different chemistries and physical properties. Refer to Figures 3. Repair surfaces must be clean, sound, and free of contaminates that act as a bond. –Some Commonly Utilized Repair Procedures &. –Materials Selection Considerations. shall be combined. For concrete with stubborn stains and heavy dirt build up, a pressure washer may be needed to properly clean the surface in preparation for the repair material. The repair material selection is typically based on such factors as properties of the repair material, Honolulu's climatic conditions, repair time frame, expected service life and cost. repair and finishing procedure appendices attachment 1: product data sheet & manufacturer’s application method 1. Put the powder in the wheelbarrow or cement mixer. These spall repair procedures are suitable for most. INSPECTION AND REPAIR PROCEDURES FOR PRECAST VAULTS AND MANHOLES . 1) or to resurface vertical, overhead, and horizontal concrete surfaces. This article series explains types of damage to structural brick walls. 1R-2008: Cut or grind out spalling area, using a chisel or chipping hammer. To determine the most cost effective repair procedure to follow, general criteria have been established for the selection of the rehabilitation option (spall repair, full depth repair, slab removal/replacement, or overlay). Grinding to Finish Grade Allow CreteFill Spall Repair to set for about 45 minutes or until hard. FIELD GUIDE TO CONCRETE REPAIR APPLICATION PROCEDURES. Using a garden hose, remove any dirt or debris from the crack and surrounding area. As a repair material for spalled horizontal concrete surfaces, walkways, ramps, steps, etc. Carbon dioxide diffuses with the concrete and reacts with the chemicals inside the concrete. Reinforcement or even reconstruction are required in cases of severe structural damage or unsafe buildings while other types of brick wall repair such as re-pointing or crack repair or lintel repair are often possible in-situ. In most cases, spalled concrete is caused by poor finishing and the use of water on the surface to aid in the finishing process. It contains the latest information pertaining to the performance of repair materials and methods, the availability and relative costs of repair materials, and the proper ways of planning, designing, constructing, and monitoring the performance of partial-depth spall repair projects. When it is determined that PDR is required, it is important to properly evaluate the extent of the spalling and determine the limits of the repair. 45º angle to create a mechanical attachment point to the sound asphalt or concrete. I'm looking for a source for generic spalled concrete repair details. A spall is a fragment of concrete detached from the larger mass by a blow, by action of weather, or by pressure or expansion within the large mass. A great way to view and understand your building or repair project before you get started. 2) Remove any dust with a vacuum or compressed air. Thin layers of concrete used as a repair are subject to spalling. for details on spall repairs in various slab locations and spall repair boundaries . Next, a specialty protective coating containing anti-corrosive agents is applied to the exposed metal to prevent further damage. Outlines of  Crete Fill Spall Repair is a rapid setting, high strength hybrid CreteFill Spall Repair, such as oils, dirt, rubber, etc. Spalling—cracking, breaking, chipping, or fraying of concrete slab edg- repair materials and procedures, more cost-effective maintenance oper- ations, less  This page provides an overview of the repair procedures for use on new and existing concrete members cast for TxDOT. Furnish one of the following materials, unless otherwise shown on the plans. If the spalled area is adjacent to an expansion joint or a crack, Bonding Agents. For crack repair the crack may be filled with neat repair material, filled with sand and then flooded with material, or premixed with sand and troweled in place. Slowly add the sand or other approved aggregate to the epoxy compound while mixing with an electric drill and paddle. CIP Repair . Easy-to-use; just add water. Concrete in accordance with DMS 4655, “Rapid-Hardening Cementing Materials for Concrete Repair” SHRP H 348 Asphalt Pavement Repair Manuals of Practice, Materials and Procedures for Sealing and Filling Cracks in Asphalt-Surfaced Pavements, Materials and Procedures for the Repair of Potholes in Asphalt-Surfaced Pavements, Strategic Highway Research Program–National Research Council, Washington, DC, 1993. Vault Repaired with Epoxy Injection . Scrape and clean the exposed steel bars and use a wire brush to remove the rust. called on CCS to perform spall repairs, fix potholes and ensure proper color matching for each repair. Concrete Repair Applications and Procedures. 1) or to resurface vertical, overhead, and horizontal concrete Spall Repair by the Preplaced Aggregate Method (ACI RAP-9) 5. 9 Jul 2014 ingress of moisture of air into concrete causes corrosion of reinforcement and results in the volume expansion of steel bars, consequently  By determining the soundness of the concrete Python can make a recommendation for repair procedures utilizing the most up to date materials and techniques  29 Mar 2013 The axial load was not applied during the repair procedure . REPAIR OF SPALLING IN CONCRETE PAVEMENT 720. The damage could be cosmetic, but could result in structural damage. However, improper anchoring or bonding of the repair work or visual nevertheless, the most reliable inspection procedure presently available. Apply two coats of anti-rust paint to the steel bars. Spalling or spalding concrete refers to concrete that has become pitted, flaked, or broken up. 3—Presaturate prepared surface with water. Navy, Army, and Air Force facilities; however, the tech-niques for repair can be used for other concrete pave-ments as well. In general, a corrosion inhibiting polymer modified repair concrete should be used for spall repair projects. Prepare the Concrete Patch Mix. spall repair procedure

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