New Flavors

We are proud to introduce five new limited edition flavors due to popular demands. They are apple, blueberry, light, menthol, and strawberry. Since customers have requested simple flavors, we have given them simplicity and the flavor names reflect it. Also they have gone through the same 90 days oak barrel aging process as the original flavors. Not only are they aged, but are extracted from fruits and U.S. grown tobaccos to bring you the best vaping experience. We have created a small batch of 2000 bottles for each flavor so be sure to grab a bottle as soon as possible.

Our Story

Here at Vape Bartender, everything we do flows from our vision to cater to all vapers. Unlike other juices, our premium juices have been uniquely blended to deliver a full-flavor experience, through both scent and taste. We are dedicated to using natural flavors for a full-bodied taste. Our team strongly believes in properly aging our juices in European Red Oak Barrels, which enhances the flavor, richness, and aroma. The aging process lasts for 90 days, during which our diligent on-site experts continuously monitor and nurture our juices and assure that they are kept in top-notch condition. After the fully aged juices pass the rigorous quality check and QA inspection, they make their final journey through a micro filtering process.

As our brand name suggests, each unique juice has been created and named after popular cocktails. Our artfully crafted premium juices have been grouped into 3 categories: Bakery Shop (for people craving dessert), Fruit Stand (for fresh fruit and creamy ice cream lovers), and Tobacco Aisle (for people searching for a clean tobacco taste). Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg nicotine content, choose the way you want to relish in the delicious flavor. Vape Bartender juices aren’t like most vapor juices we only use natural premium USP (food grade) consumable ingredient extracts that gives a clean, smooth, and rich taste. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with all natural premium vape juice. Please click our “eNews” section for updates, events, and announcements regarding our new premium crafted flavors that arrive every 3~6 months.



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